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Has the bible really been translated to Klingon? Does Sheldon speak Klingon correctly? Is Klingon a real language and is it difficult to learn it? These and many other questions will be answered by the Klingon teacher on a pleasant and yet educating way, without requiring any knowledge of linguistics or Star Trek.

With his deeply funded knowledge of language, he makes clear how much fun it can be to learn such a strange language. Even without talking about languages in general, the topic quickly shows lots of interesting information and relationships you'd never dream of.

The "Klingon Teacher from Germany", as he calls himself, does not only have a Youtube channel, he also has regular talks on conventions and is one of the regular guest speakers at the Star-Trek-Weihnachts-Vorlesung and the annual Science-Fiction-Meeting in the Technik-Museum in Speyer.

See a list of the next lectures of the Klingon teacher here and on Twitter!

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